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Here is the winner of CTMH's "Share the Love" video contest.  Congrats to Tresa Black!  I couldn't have said it better myself! (Get out some Kleenex if you're sentimental and tender-hearted.)

Studio J Basics:

We are getting too many video tutorials for me to post here.  Click here to see the CTMH tutorials and MORE of the Love Your Layout tutorials.

Love Your Layouts!
Here's a project you should try! If you create and account and confirm that you want to receive Studio J notices (we won't send you junk mail), you will receive notification on new projects. CTMH will be coming out with a NEW "Love Your Layout" project each month and you won't want to miss out!

Advanced Tutorials:

I certainly do not claim to be tech savvy and that's exactly why I love Studio J.  It's easy peasy and incredibly user friendly for anyone.  I'm also not techno minded enough to create amazing tutorial webisodes but I somehow find people who are.  As you play with Studio J, here are some video tutorials created by Amy Ulen, a fellow CTMH consultant, to enhance your experience.  Thanks Amy!!!!  Enjoy!

#1 Create Account

#2 Full Layout (part 1)
·      Create a new project
·      Uploading photos
·      Choosing kit, pattern, and kit mix
·      Dropping photos into wells
·      Color toggle embellishments
·      Convert photo well into a journaling well

#3 Full Layout (part 2)
·      Add text
·      Change fonts
·      Add/rotate text boxes
·      Change paper
·      Distress paper
·      Add mats using text tools
·      Add/resize Stickease

#4 Photo Editing
·      Wrinkle tool
·      Toothbrush Tool
·      More editing tools
·      Approving a layout at purchase

#5 Creating & Embellishing Journaling Strips
·      Create journaling strips (text areas)
·      Distressing text boxes
·      Adding embellishments
·      Copy/paste tool
·      Rotate/align tool
·      Create stitching

#6 Adding Text to Lined Tags

#7 A Few Quick Tips
·      Using My Stickease as a guide for adding embellishment shapes
·      Pleated ribbon
·      Rotate/Crop ribbon and My Stickease
·      Send to back/front tools

#8 Mat to Your Heart’s Content
·      Using text boxes to create mats
·      Send to back/front tools
·      Change paper color
·      Rotate page
·      Deleting toggle images
·      Deselecting rotate and swap buttons

#9 Creating Faux Banners

#10 Downloading JPG Images (members only feature)

#11 Advanced Banners & Flags
·      Adding mats to individual flags
·      Embellish banners
·      Adding My Stickease to create custom B&T
·      Making 2 photo wells look like 1 photo (towards end)

#12 Creating Titles in Photoshop (parts 1 and 2 are mixed up here…sorry)

#13 Confessions of a Scraplifter
·      Clustering embellishments
·      Cropping/resizing My Stickease
·      Create patterned paper using text tools (10 minutes into it)

#14 Modifying Striped Paper