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New Idea Book Scavenger Hunt Rules:
  • Get $1 Brooks Buck for every 10 questions answered!
  • If you answer all the questions, you can earn $5 Brooks Bucks PLUS there are 3 BONUS questions worth $1 Brooks Bucks each... for an additional $3 Brooks Bucks.
  • Email me your answers and your "order" by August 29th and get $2 more to spend!
Answer ALL 50 questions ($5), plus the bonus questions ($3), email me by August 29th  ($2) and you can get a total of $10 BROOKS BUCKS!!!! Yep, that's right! $10 Brooks Bucks to spend on anything in the new idea book!!!!  Just for playing!!!!

(When you place your order, add tax and s/h and subtract $10. You pay any overage...if it doesn't go over $10 with shipping and tax, you pay NOTHING!!!!.)
Click here to see the online idea book and play.

WOTG = workshop on the go
***Bonus question (earns extra Brooks Bucks)

1.  ***How many WOTG kits are in this Idea Book?
2.  What four products are Jeanette’s favorites?
3.  The Hostess Collections are ____% off.
4.  How much is the New Essentials Consultant Kit?
5.  What charity does Close To My Heart support?
6.  How many new exclusive colors were added to our color palette?
7.  What kind of markers do we now carry?
8.  For each marker item number, how many markers do you get?
9.  How many ink pads come in a mini pigment pad set?
10.   We now have two different kind of stamp pads. Can you name the two type of inks?
11.   What is the title of our new “how-to” publication?
12.   How many layouts do you get in a Studio J Express Collection? (trick question…look carefully)
13.   How much is ONE Studio J PAGE?
14.   Where can you find how-to videos using the new Cricut Artiste?
15.   How many unique images does the Cricut Artiste have?
16.   If a stamp image has a coordinating Cricut cut, that image has what color outline around it?
17.   What theme is the Cricut WOTG?
18.   What is your favorite new My Reflections kit?
19.   What is the Bonus Project for the School Days WOTG?
20.   What two My Reflection Kits have THREE WOTG kits?
21.   What two assortment products are featured in the Moonlight WOTG kit?
22.   What new My Creations product is featured in the WOTG Advent Calendar kit?
23.   What Tip and Technique is featured with the Flirty items?
24.   What Cricut Cartridge coordinates with the stamp set featured on page 45.
25.   Guess what Cricut cartridge makes the coffins on p. 70.
26.   What Cricut cartridge coordinates with December 25th on page 78?
27.   What Cricut cartridge coordinated with Outta This World on page 105?
28.   How many stamps are in the Dream Big set on page 109?
29.   How many new alphabet stamp sets?
30.   How much is a monogram stamp?
31.   How many fonts can you choose from when you create your own customized stamp?
32.   How many craft boxes will fit in the small organizer with the foam insert?
33.   How many new bulk ribbons were added?
34.   On what page can you find a sample using the Baker’s Twine? (multiple answers accepted)
35.   What three finishes do the Flourishes on page 127 come in?
36.   What is your favorite embellishment pack (pg 125-129)?
37.   How many pieces will you get in the new Floret Paper Shapes?
38.   What page can you find the embellishment packs that coordinate with the My Reflection kits?
39.   What page can you find sample artwork using the new Display Tray on page 129?
40.   Name the new specialty paper found on page 129.
41.   ***What page can you find sample artwork using the new Houndstooth  Alphabet , Pixie Glitter Alphabet, OR Color-Ready Arbor Shapes on page 130? (*Find all three for BONUS prize)
42.   How many new Dimensional Elements were added?
43.   ***What page can you find sample artwork using the new Bracket Frame, Star, OR Canvas Journal on page 132? (*Find all three for BONUS prize)
44.   Name the new specialty markers found on page 133.
45.   Name two new tools featured on page 134.
46.   How many Hook & Loop Dots come in a pack?
47.   How much is the Stamp of the Month with a $50 order?
48.   Where can you find project instructions for the featured Stamp of the Month artwork?
49.   Is the card holder (looks like magazine holder) in the September Stamp of the Month artwork (page 140) a Cricut Artiste 3-D project OR a My Creations product?
50.   What is your favorite Stamp of the Month?


Not only did we get a New Idea Book this month, but it's also MY BIRTHDAY...August 29th to be exact. And if your like me, $10 for playing a scavenger hunt game is great, but my wish list goes far beyond that...So to add to the celebration, I would like to offer you MORE BROOKS BUCKS! Happy birthday to me (and you!)!!!!  For every $10 (not including shipping and tax, or scavenger hunt brooks bucks) you order from the new Idea Book by August 29th, you get $1 Brooks Buck!

I've figured out how you can maximize and combine these two deals to get the most bang for your buck. Here's how:

$130 order
+ $10 scavenger hunt BB
+ $13 birthday BB
= $153 which will qualify you for $25 in hostess rewards...

That means for $130 order (not including shipping and tax), you can get

As always, you can share these deals with friends and see if combining orders can give you even more hostess rewards so you can share.  I will do whatever I can to make it the best deal for you!

AND IF THAT'S NOT ENOUGH (I sound like I'm selling kitchen knives on an infomercial)....for every 10 scavenger hunt participants, I will draw a name to win a goodie box worth OVER $100 in product ! So get your friends to play and let's see how many boxes I can send out.

One more's National Stamping Month! Get your double stamp set for only $5 (with qualifying purchase) valued at $36.  The deals just keep coming, don't they? I didn't even mention the $5 Stamp of the Month...well, you'll see that in the scavenger hunt....I will stop now. :0)
September 2012: National Stamping Month
September 2012: National Stamping Month

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