Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Later Sk8r Pillow Box

Of all of the items I did for my swap, this project is my favorite.  Which is funny because it's the one I struggled with most of all trying to decide what to do.   I love it because it has a bit of feminine flair (as I was so done with doing boy things by then...did I mention we have a girl dominated household?) and it's the first time I've done this flower.  I've been very much stuck on the roses, but I felt that this paper was too casual for the formality of the rose.  So I took a chance and did this one.  I think its my new favorite flower.  LOVE IT! (sung with a beautiful, angelic vibrato) Plus, it was a TON easier to put together than a rose.

And just so you know,  I used BOTH Cricut cartridges for this project.  The pillow box was cut from Artiste and the flower and frame was cut from Art Philosophy.

Here's what you will need for this project:

If you've never done one our flowers, let me talk you through it.  Step One...cut it out.  Step the end (which will be the middle of the flower) into the slit in the quilling tool and roll the flower around the tool as far as you can.  Take it off the tool and flick it to loosen it up.  Step three...add liquid glass to the base and arrange flower as tight or as loose as desired.  Step 4...once it's dried, I add a bit of liquid glass to the center of the flower and place a pearl or sparkle to the center.  Viola. Done!

To get the texture on the leaves, I cut the leaves out using the Cricut Art Philosophy. Then, I scored a line down the center with a stylus, folded it in half and ran through a crimping tool at an angle. 

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  1. So fabulous! I am thrilled to see you are getting creative and sharing it with us all. I have always admired your creativity. Have a blessed day Michelle!