Monday, February 25, 2013

Sadie's Cake Smash Banner

Wednesday night was Sadie's official cake smash photo shoot.  I did a bunch of research before hand and loved the ones with banners in the background.  I thought to myself, "I could do a really cool one".  Late Wednesday afternoon, I finally HAD to get something put together.  Luckily, I had something in mind already AND a stash of amazing papers, embellishments and supplies, so it went together pretty fast.  And can I say...there's nothing better than a NEW bottle of liquid glass when you're in a hurry!

I knew I wanted to use our new Chantilly paper.  Now, to find a lace romper to match.  There were too many choices.   What would your choice have been?

 Here is the full banner:

Some MUST HAVES for this project are
Here's a few close up shots and tips:

I cut the outside pennant out of the Cotton Candy cardstock (comes in paper pack) at 7 inches. The inside piece was cut at 6 3/4 inches.

The flowers were cut at 1 1/4" and stamped in Cotton Candy and Creme Brulee.  Buttercup is actually the yellow color in this kit, but I preferred the richness of the Creme Brulee ink since the yellows needed to pop and not blend.

The letters were old Dimensional Elements that I had handy. I could have cut them out on the Cricut or used any of our various letter sets.  I chose to use the chipboard letters because I wanted to cover them in liquid glass and cardstock would have curled.  I didn't have time for that.  So I had to color them.  Here's a tip: If you use our exclusive ink and liquid glass, the color will change a bit since the ink is water based.  To prevent this,  I was so thrilled to use our new mini pigment pads. I did use both the Cotton Candy and Hollyhock to give the letters the rich color I wanted so they would pop and not just blend into the paper. Then, I covered them in Liquid Glass and set them aside to dry.  They came out perfect. Speaking of Liquid's also perfect for attaching the zipper and pom pom trim.

I'm ashamed to admit that this was the first chance I had to use our Sparkle Flourishes.  WOW!  LOVE THEM!  I'm definitely a sparkle girl, but I was afraid they would be difficult to pull off the carrier sheet and lace on my project.  Boy, was I wrong!!!! So easy!!!!

I think that's about all the tips I have for you.  It was a pretty simple project even though it doesn't look it.  Comment or message me on Facebook if you have questions.

Here are a few behind the scenes of the actual photo shoot.  I can't wait to see the final photos.  Sadie was absolutely hilarious to watch and really enjoyed herself.  I'm so glad we did it. Needless to say, there wasn't much recognizable cake in the end.  She absolutely pulverized it!

Here is Greg feeding her a treats to keep her in place for the pre-cake shots.  She has never been on a hard floor and was totally sliding around going nuts.  Maybe I should clean my kitchen floor on occasion and let her go to town.

Her first cake exploration moments. "What is this stuff?"

Now she has the hang of it!  

Thanks Lynette! We had a great time!

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