Friday, February 18, 2011

My Creative Space

With a new home, comes a new creative space.  It's always a challenge to figure out what goes where and what can go in storage.  I have too much stuff than should be legal.  But after having come from apartments for the past year, I am ecstatic to finally have my own space once again.  I have a few requirements for my space.
  1. I need to have my own personal space that can be left untouched so I can leave my projects "in progress". 
  2. I need an area where I can set up extra tables for friends to come play with me and take classes from me.  
  3. I need this space to be flexible so I can grow and adjust as my needs grow and adjust.  I can't imagine having permanent counters and cabinets. 
So for the past week, that's what I've been doing.  In this house, my area consists of the formal dining and living areas.

Here is the BEFORE: (This is only a fraction of my stuff.  The rest of it got dumped in the garage to be dealt with later. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. When I moved into my apartment, I really had to evaluate what things I absolutely couldn't live without.  That's what you see here.  I have a list of "find immediately" of other things that I've decided need to come in and join me.)

Here is the AFTER: My personal space is in the formal dining area.  It's still too small for everything I want to fit in there, but it's a start. I'm just going to have to be creative as I find new homes for my long lost friends.

  I particularly love the shelves that were built in.  I'm not sure what the previous owners put on those shelves, but they are perfect for my stamps, papers and accessories.
Here is the area I have set up for my classes.  I can fit 8 people comfortably.  When I'm not having classes, the tables can come down and it's a formal living room.  I have a love seat that needs to go somewhere but I'm having second thoughts about that.  If I put it in here, I won't have room for all the tables.  It may have to stay in the basement.  The couch and piano may be enough. Who uses a formal living room these days anyways?

You are probably asking "where is the computer?"  I agree that a computer is essential to scrapbooking.  I have two of them. My main computer is in the basement.  I have another one that I plan on putting in the kitchen or laundry room.  Both rooms have built in desks for a computer and both areas are very close to my space.  I'm leaning towards putting it in the kitchen.  Maybe that's what I will do this weekend.

I will continue to post pics and updates as my space changes. It often takes a good 6 months to finalize everything.  I like to live and work in the space, making adjustments as needed before I finally settle on an arrangement that works perfectly for me.   In the meantime, I am excited to start being creative once again.


  1. Well, that looks like the PERFECT place for your creative space!! :)