Saturday, May 18, 2013

Diabetes Blog Week: Art

This is the day I've looked forward to most.  Blogging my thoughts and feelings has never been my forte.  However, I can totally blog pics of my art!  It's what I do. I'm a scrapbooker, card maker, and all around paper crafter.  I have chosen to scrapbook our sweets diagnosis story.  Knowing she will be looking at this layout someday, I didn't want to make it all depressing and that day truly was.  Instead, I told the story how it was, but chose fun colors and images so she wouldn't have to relive that sadness....because after all, we've moved on.


I decided to do a pinwheel theme. What does that have to do with her dx story??? Hang in there with me...the journaling reads:

"Pinwheels are a duality of fragility and strength. They stand tall and firm, yet their greatest beauty comes in the moments when they face the most powerful forces. The amount of opposition they can take is amazing but even more amazing is how they thrive.  The pinwheel is a powerful reminder that no matter how small and fragile we appear, we can withstand the mighty forces set to destroy us and in that moment is when we gain the most strength and show the true beauty and power within."

Get it? Deep, huh.  I surprise myself sometimes.

Here's the full layout:

Close up of each page:

A pocket with hidden journaling and photos.


One side tells our pinwheel story:

The other side has more photos:

A few other details:


  1. LOVE This Michelle. You are a ROCKIN' INK STAR :)
    sure love ya

  2. This is so beautiful! I love the meaning behing the pinwheel!

  3. I love it! And I love how you tucked in the extra bits and can pull them out to read the rest of the story. Such a clever way to keep it all to "one" layout. I have something else to tell you… I'm a scrapper too. I'm a digi scrapper, I never scrapped with real paper… but still, and I'm out of practice, but I want to get caught up again. I've even won some awards and what not. A layout I did of Eleanor was on the cover of the August 2008, Artisan Notebook. :-) I'll show you sometime!

    I love your beautiful example of diabetes art. I love that you used the pinwheel symbolism so eloquently, and I really love that you did what you could to take the sting out of the story. I also want to work to help Eleanor see the bright side of this, to see herself as having strength against the wind. Well done, Michelle, well done!

    1. So funny! Everyday we find something else we have in common.

      I do both classic and digi. I would LOVE to see your stuff. I mostly post my classic pages on my blog because it's the best way to show the 3-D details of a layout. I put my digi stuff on my facebook biz page. I've actually been doing more digi stuff lately. This is the first classic layout I've done in a while. It feels good to get back to my roots once in a while. :)

  4. So pretty! What an amazing way to tell her story.