Friday, May 17, 2013

Diabetes Blog Week: Freaky Friday

Prompt: Just like in the movie, today we’re doing a swap. If you could switch chronic diseases, which one would you choose to deal with instead of diabetes? And while we’re considering other chronic conditions, do you think your participation in the DOC has affected how you treat friends and acquaintances with other medical conditions?

If I could switch Diabetes with another chronic disease, which disease would I choose?  I wouldn’t.  What???  That’s right!  Allow me to explain…

Since my sweets came into my life, we have spent a lot of time in hospitals, doctors’ offices, therapy groups, education classes, etc. and we’ve been around a lot of sick kids with various special needs.  Every time I meet one of these kids, I think to myself, “I’m sure glad I haven’t been asked to deal with that!” 

Maybe it’s because I’m still new to the T1D world and haven’t swam in the deep end.  Maybe it’s because we’ve been through a lot already.  I’m just not sitting on the edge of my chair like Horshack in “Welcome Back Carter”…”Oh. Oh. Oh. I want that instead!!!  Me. Me. Me.”  (Did I just show my age?)

I choose to be grateful for the challenges I’ve been blessed with. I’m grateful for the personal growth and empathy I’ve gained for others.  I’m grateful for medical advances that will allow my sweets to be and do anything she wants.  I’m especially grateful that we control this disease and it will not control us. 

We almost lost her in the beginning but we didn’t.  We have our baby.  She’s happy and a good sport about offering her fingers up for pricking.  I’ve met too many parents that don’t have that.  We met parents in the NICU who had to make funeral arrangements for their little ones.  Therefore, I will NEVER complain!!! I will be grateful for every minute I have with my sweets.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to give her shots considering the alternative.  I will never wish there was something else instead for us.  I will gladly take diabetes over anything else…cause face it, they all SUCK! Many other diseases don’t have the focus, funding, or hope for a cure.  Many don’t have management…just pain and suffering.  At least diabetes has a voice that’s being heard…at least that’s what I see.

I choose to stick with what I’ve been given.  I choose T1D. 


  1. Well said. I feel like today's prompt is an unanswerable question. It reminds me of my sister. She always says that if we all put our challenges on a table and were told to pick any one we want, we would inevitably choose our own.

    I think it's because the trials of life are specific to each person. As you said, we grow and learn from them. I love your attitude.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog... I tried to reply to the comment, but blogger seems to be acting up for me.

    Anyway, your diagnosis story is just heartbreaking. We consider ourselves very lucky that Elise wasn't even showing symptoms (except no weight gain from 9 to 12 months). I am so glad your husband stuck to his guns.

    I wrote a post a few weeks ago that might encourage you:

    I wish someboday had said something like it to me when we were first diagnosed. Anyway, looking forward to reading more of your blog. If you ever want to, you can email me through the contact me link on my blog.

  3. Ha ha, Girly! You are showing your age… but I guess I am too, since I got the joke!

    I agree, hands down there's no question. I can't trade! No way. I think most of the blogs I've read today have said the same thing.

    Hugs to you.