Monday, May 13, 2013

Diabetes Blog Week: We, the Undersigned

Recently various petitions have been circulating the Diabetes Online Community, so today let’s pretend to write our own. Tell us who you would write the petition to – a person, an organization, even an object (animate or inanimate) - get creative!! What are you trying to change and what have you experienced that makes you want this change? 

(UPDATED OPINION JUST ADDED TO THE END...a petition I can really get passionate about.)

Can I pass on this topic? I don’t know that I’ve had any experience with diabetes to make me overly passionate about changing anything.  Overall, other than the disease itself, I've been pretty pleased with the support we've received from the medical professionals, supply company, and other d-peers.  I just feel so new to diabetes that I don't have much knowledge about the bigger picture and things that should be changed.  I'm sure there are things that should change and I will fight the fight when I discover them.  But in the meantime...if I could start a petition about something...

Maybe I could start a petition that if you have more than a handful of coupons/ad matches you are required to use the coupon/ad match line at Walmart.  It’s there for a reason.  Don’t get me started…Just sayin’.

Or join me in demanding the post office keep their priority box display stocked for those of us who like to come in after hours. 

How about a petition to require all stressed out moms an uninterrupted hot bath with candles and smelly things for as long as they want at least once a week.

Even better...let's start some petition to cap the price of gas.  Who agrees with me on that one?  That's what I thought! Oh yeah!

It’s the simple things.  

But at least I'm not jumping on board with the whole Disney Princess nonsense...(as I keep my opinion of that to myself in an effort not to alienate my readers. It's a hot topic for sure!)

I know...not what you were hoping.  Tomorrow's post will be better. I figure if I can't write something intelligent, then maybe I can amuse a few of you.  :)

UPDATE!  Since I posted this late last night, there has been a discussion on the FB group I participate in that brought up an issue I could really get behind... Turns out that Disney has taken "Diabetes" off their approved medical list to get a line pass for the rides.  They've associated it with Grandpa's diabetes that you just take a pill for and the problem is solved.  I don't go to Disneyland on a regular basis, but I hope to take my sweets someday.  While diabetes in all forms is yucky and horrid, Type 1 IS different from Type 2.  Standing in lines, heat, poor food choices and more make managing the disease very difficult and could potentially be life sweets has other conditions that would be just cause to get a pass, but I do see the need just in the T1D.  My petition is to educate Disney and get this back on the list and at the very least, don't lump my child's needs with grandpa who will probably be sitting on a bench in the shade anyways.  NO disrespect intended to grandpa...or anyone who suffers from type 2!!!  I just think that of all the medical issues my sweets has and can be approved for a pass, T1D is at the top of that list in being my biggest hurdle and concern and may prevent me from visiting your park all together if I don't feel it's safe for her.  Just asking for a little help and understanding.


  1. I am so glad that your diabetes life has been so positive that you don't feel the need to change anything. How lucky are you?!

  2. I had no idea Disney had discontinued the passes for people with diabetes. I'd sign one asking for it back in a second!! I had and used one of those passes when I was at Friends for Life two years ago, and my insulin still went bad from the heat. I'm sure it would've konked out even quicker if I didn't have the pass.

    1. That's the word on the street. I hear you can still get a pass, but you have to use the right words and "diabetes" is NOT the right word. Sure way to be denied. Cray cray, right? (said in my fake and lame gansta voice)

  3. favorite line: How about a petition to require all stressed out moms an uninterrupted hot bath with candles and smelly things for as long as they want at least once a week.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE That. However, I would make an amendment that extends it to all persons touched by diabetes. I would love a hot bath, and i know my BF would too, especially after i have a high diabetes day and grump at him for hours.

    and about the disney thing. i always get a front of the line pass for rides. if that gets taken away, i wouldn't even go. sad. I would sign your petition on this front. let's get diabetes back on the map!

    Thank you for sharing, it was a pleasure to read.

    1. I second your amendment to the relaxing bath with jets, candles, and smelly things to anyone who deals with the nastiness of gender, age, or relationship will be discriminated against. Here, Here...the motion is get a hot bath. Enjoy!

  4. I didn't even know this was something Disney ever offered, but it makes good sense now that I think about t! I wonder if Six Flags offers passes like that? I know they have a system for guests who use wheel chairs. I accompanied my niece to Six Flags once, and we were able to go in through the exit, and get a time to come back to ride. It was effectively the same amount of time we would have waited, we just didn't have to spend it in line. We were able to wait in the cool shade, or even ride a ride with a shorter line. It was pretty handy.

    1. It's worth asking about. That's what I understand the Disney pass to be...not a cut ahead and skip the lines, but more of a comfortable wait instead of in line.

  5. Ah I never knew they even had such a thing...would have been so helpful when I was younger and having to stress about standing in a 2 hour long line to wait for the newest roller coaster all while worrying about getting too low or thirsty.