Thursday, May 19, 2011

Studio J Online Boot Camp Day 9

Kit: Take the Cake
Pattern: Cherish: Portrait Collection
Photos: 2 vertical, 1 horizontal, 1 square
Kit Mix 6

  • Making patterned ribbon using text boxes
  • Splitting a My Stickease image across two pages
  • Creating Polaroid-type photo frames
 Putting the Layout together:
  1. Drop photos in wells.
  2. Drop Lagoon cardstock into top left paper well. (left page)
  3. Change color of gingham B&T to Sunset. (I chose different color.)
  4. Add 1/4" white Daisy mats to all photos.
  5. Delete tile and journaling wells. (I turned the journaling well into a photo well on the right page instead of deleting it.)
Finishing Touches:
  1. Turn off toggle accents.
  2. Add horizontal text areas across bottom of each photo mat to create Polaroid look.  Color white Daisy.  Note: Even though the words "Add journaling" appear onscreen, they will not print or be visible in the final JPG file. However, to make the message disappear permanently, simply type a single space. (Michelle's note: The added journaling areas do not create a shadow on their own.  I zoomed in really tight and used the arrow keys on my keyboard to nudge them into place. I made sure the text box lined up with the photo well's shadow.)
  3. Add new journaling areas to create photo captions in 36 pt. J Script font, no background, Chocolate text, rotating as desired.
  4. Create title using a combination of My Stickease letters and title areas as follows:
    1. "fabulous" using quick-title tool with My Stickease at 145% and 45 pt. spacing.
    2. "fifteen" in 81 pt. Corner Shop font, vellum background, Chocolate text, center-aligned.
    3. date in 17 pt. Corner Shop font, no background, Chocolate text
  5. Add the following My Stickease to both pages, rotating, cropping, and resizing as desired. Right-click to bring both layers forwards or send backward as needed.
    1. four scallop borders (Borders) at 100%
    2. two brown arrows (Large Accents) at 165% cropped to appear as a single arrow
  6. Add the following My Stickease to right page, rotating, cropping, and resizing as desired. Right-click to bring layers forward or send backward as needed.
    1. desired number of man and/or woman images (Small Accents) at 200% and 135% (for child) (my percent for the smaller woman is different)
    2. "my peeps" (Quotes) at 100%
    3. brown frame (Frame) at 130% (I don't have this. It would be placed where the third photo on the right page is.  Instead of deleting the journaling well, I turned it into a photo well. I did love the brown frame, but just needed one more photo well instead.  It was a tough decision I had to make.)
  7. Add new journaling area and right-click to send it behind frame. Type in journaling in 24 pt. Corner Shop font, White Daisy background, Chocolate text, center-aligned both left-to-right and top-to-bottom. Add My Stickease letters as desired. (Again, I chose to have a  photo here.  The My Stickease letter the original had is the #3 and the journaling said "It has been fun to watch my family grow. I have to say, 3 is a pretty good number." the "3" is in the bottom left corner of the journaling area and is a My Stickease number.  Really cute!)
  8. Add new text area to left page. Drop in gingham B&T and change color to Sunset. (I chose different color) Add second text area and change color to Lagoon. Rotate and overlap end of gingham B&T piece to create patterned ribbon.
  9. Add six 3/4" button threads in Chocolate as stitches on title and paper pieces.  Note: Select Chocolate as thread color before dragging onto layout. When thread is in place, hold down the shift key and select thread you want to align.  Choose the appropriate alignment option. You can even nudge them as a group using the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  10. Add the following ribbons in Sunset: (I chose different color...also the original had my Chocolate ribbon on the first photo on right page instead of on the main photo. It was also colored Sunset. Because I moved the ribbon, I also chose to change the color. When you change color of any accent, you can choose to change all like accents or just the one accent by clicking the appropriate button under the color chart.)
    1. two diagonal edge ribbons at 100%
    2. center knotted ribbon at 100%
    3. two flat knots at 70% and 110%
  11. Add the following Chocolate buttons with white Daisy thread, rotating, cropping and resizing as desired. Right-click to bring the layers forward or send backwards as needed.
    1. left page: 7/8", 5/8", 3/4"(no thread), 1/2", 5/8"
    2. right page: 5/8", 1/2"
  12. Distress Lagoon cardstock and Lagoon text area with sanding in White Daisy, adjusting intensity to 100%. Distress base page and pattern pieces with sponge in Chocolate, adjusting intensity to 100%

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