Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Studio J Online Boot Camp Day 8

Kit: Bliss
Pattern: Studio J: Through the Lens
Photos: 1 vertical, 2 horizontal, 3 square
Kit mix 4

  • Layering text
  • Layering photo mats using journaling areas
  • Layering My Stickease cluster
Putting the Layout Together:
  1. Drop Photos in wells.
  2. Add 1/8" photo mats to all photos, changing the color of the two leftmost mats to Chocolate and remaining mats to Grey Flannel.
  3. Add journaling area to create a vellum 1/8" photo mat around top left square photo. Copy and paste and center on bottom left square photo. Change the color of each mat to Grey Flannel. Right-click on each and send to back. Note: Even though the words "add jounaling" appear onscreen, that will not print or be visible in the final JPG file. However, to make the message disappear permanently, simply type a single space.
  4. Type "the best of" in title well in 27pt. Heritage font, no background, Chocolate text.
  5. Add a new title area and type "FRIENDS" in 135 pt. Prestige font, no background, Grey Flannel text. Copy and paste; change text color to Chocolate. Use arrow keys to nudge Chocolate title so that Grey Flannel title appears to be a shadow.
  6. Add new text area to corner of photo and type date in 16 pt. Aristocrat font, no background, text color as desired.
  7. Type journaling in journaling well in scaled Aristocrat font, no background, Colonial White text, left-aligned.
Finishing Touches:
  1. Turn off toggle accents.
  2. Add My Stickease lace borders (Borders) at 100% across both pages, cropping even with edges of Chocolate cardstock. Add dot borders (Borders) at 100% layered on top of lace borders.
  3. Add the following My Stickease images to left page, rotating and resizing as desired. Right-click to bring layers forward or send backward as needed.
    1. bracket (Medium Accents) at 100%
    2. butterfly (Small Accents) at 130%
  4. Add the following My Stickease images to right page, rotating and resizing as desired. Right-click to bring layers forward or send backward as needed.
    1. two white flowers (Medium Accents) at 110%, 80%
    2. two white leaves (Medium Accents) at 70%, 80%
    3. right-curving flourish (Small Accents) at 100%
    4. two left-curving flourishes (Small Accents) at 100% 115%
    5. two butterflies (Small Accents) at 90%, 45%
  5. Add the following Grey Flannel ribbons, cropping as desired:
    1. two center knotted ribbons at 100%
    2. two flat knots at 110%
  6. Add two Chocolate medium brads at 100% to the right page. Holding down shift key, select both brads. Align vertically.
  7. Add Chocolate medium brad at 85% and Chocolate Bigger Brad at 75% to flower centers.
  8. Distress base pages in Chocolate with sponge and sanding, adjusting intensity to 10%. Distress B&T pieces and Grey Flannel photo mats in Chocolate with sponge, leaving intensity at 50%.

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