Friday, May 20, 2011

Studio J Online Boot Camp Day 10

Kit: Wings
Pattern: Imagine: Monologue
Photos: 2 vertical, 1 horizontal, 2 square
Kit Mix 3

  • Using Ribbon tabs to create a pleated ribbon
  • Using My Stickease as a template for embellishment
Putting the Layout Together:
  1. Drop photos in wells.
  2. Change color of dot B&T to Grey Wool.
  3. Change color of damask print to Pansy Purple* (*I used Sky chose a color that works for you)
  4. Change color of base pages to White Daisy
  5. Add 1/8" White Daisy mat to horizontal and vertical photos.  Add 1/16" Grey Wool mat to square photos.
  6. Delete journaling box.
Finishing Touches:
  1. Turn off toggle accents
  2. Add four My Stickease scroll borders (Borders) at 100%, cropping and rotated as desired to create border and photo tabs.
  3. Add my Stickease red heart (Large Accents) at 100%, rotating as desired (will be used as a template for buttons and then deleted)
  4. Beginning at left side of left page, create pleated ribbon by placing two ribbon tabs overlapping each other above scroll border. Select each tab while holding down the shift key.  Copy and paste, then position new tabs to extend pleated ribbon.  Copy all four tabs and paste again to extend.  Repeat to desired length.  Change color to Pansy Purple*.  Note: To make all pleats uniform, select all the ribbon tabs and align and distribute horizontally. For a more varied handmade look, slightly, very slightly rotate each tab so it's not so perfect.
  5. Add two 5/16" Black buttons with Grey Wool thread to left page.
  6. Place one 5/16" Black button and Grey Wool thread on edge of heart image.  Holding down the shift key, select button and thread. Copy and paste, then position new button/thread along the edge of the heart. Repeat, placing buttons in regular intervals along entire perimeter of heart. Note: Turn snapping off for easier button placement. Also, I used a medium brad as a spacer between buttons.  I moved the brad as I went then deleted it at the end.
  7. Delete My Stickease heart image
  8. Delete one button and thread pair and replace with two ribbon flat knots at 100% in Pansy Purple*, rotating as desired.
  9. Create title as follows (I may have adjusted my sizes a bit to fit my title and so that I could add the My Stickease brackets.)
    1. "Andy" and "Chelsey" in 63 pt. Times New Roman font, no background, Black text
    2. "&" in 30 pt. Times New Roman font, no background, Black text
    3. "Prom Night" in 81pt. Fountain Pen font, no background, Black text
    4. "Enid High School" in 21 pt. Times New Roman font, no background, Black text
  10. Create journaling in 19 pt. Aristocrat font, no background, Black text.
  11. Create date on photo in 20 pt. Fountain Pen font, no background, text color as desired.
  12. Distress Grey Wool cardstock and both B&T papers with sponge in Black, adjusting intensity to 100%. Distress White Daisy cardstock with sponge in Grey Wool, leaving intensity at default of 50%.

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